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What is Network RTK technology?

Roeder Brothers, Inc. would like to introduce Roeder TopNET Live Signal, for your agricultural RTK needs. Roeder TopNET Live: Your RTK Solutions
What is Roeder TopNET Live Signal? Roeder Brothers, Inc. is now an authorized TopNet Live RTK subscription dealer providing RTK subscription solutions all over the United States, parts of Canada, and parts of South America. TopNET Live is part of Topcon. Topcon is a multibillion dollar company providing precision GPS management solutions in construction, water manamgent, land manamgent, and agriculture throughout the entire world. Click here to learn more about Roeder TopNET Live Signal solutions and to purchase subscriptions online.
Network RTK are satellite receiver stations placed in a geographic region communicating with central servers and satellite constellations. Errors are corrected through a protocol. Because the server collects data from all the network receivers the rover (tractor) in the field becomes a virtual base station. This means the correction data is consistent with the rover’s position in the field. This allows for sub inch (2cm) accurate reliability pass to pass and year to year. Roeder TopNET Live Signal is compatible with any hardware that uses RTCM and CMR+ protocols, such as Ag Leader, Trimble, Raven, and Topcon. Correction data is broadcast over IP, NTRIP/cellular signal so a data plan and cell modem is needed. Roeder TopNET Live is not responsible for choosing the correct data plan and modem. Both GSM and CDMA cellular technology is compatible with RTK signal solutions.

The goal of Network RTK is to reduce the distance dependent errors, optimizing the solution to improve initialization speeds over large distances between the rover and reference stations. Roeder TopNET Live Signal provides for initialization less than 1 minute if you have chosen the proper hardware and cellular plans. A virtual base station solution is achieved when the rover controls which reference station, number of reference stations, and strategy being used to reduce distance dependent errors. If the rover determines that the RTK solution is no longer optimized due to a change in conditions, the rover can make on-the-fly decisions, changing strategies to calculate a network solution that is more appropriate—therefore maintaining initialization and an optimal RTK solution.

Subscriptions available to purchase online:
  • 1 year unlimited usage $600
  • 250hr subscription is $500

*Soon to come modem configured with either sprint or Verizon.

Through the TopNET Live software management system the purchaser will receive an email notification at the below times warning them of their upcoming subscription expiration date/time:
  • 1 year — email at 1 month, 1 week, 1 day
  • 250 hour — 50 hours, 25 hours, 12 hours

Expansion currently being focused in the Midwest and plain states. We are looking for dealer partners who want to sell subscriptions or help build networks by purchasing and placing towers in areas to benefit you and your customers along with selling subscriptions, or host a receiver tower to get a network started. Dealer partners will receive 25%-50% ROI through standard promotions, discounts, and special promotions. Dealer partners will be provided training and full access to TopNET Live software management. This allows dealers to see rovers live in the field, track receiver tower data, and provide customers with/how/when they are using RTK to maximize the money they are spending on RTK. If interested, email [email protected] or call 1-800-270-5527.